Cyber Liability Insurance


Fraudulent wire transfers, data breaches, hacking, phishing and other cyber liability issues are becoming quite common in the legal community. Attorneys and law firms have become targets due to their possession of clients' personal information.

CBA Insurance Agency has partnered with a number of Cyber Liability Insurance carriers to provide the best available offerings to our clients.



Program Highlights

  • Coverage for any size law firm

  • 1st and 3rd party coverage

  • Privacy/Security Liability (On and Off Line)

  • Regulatory Proceeding Defense and Penalties

  • Attorney Services

  • Forensic Costs

  • Public Relations and Crisis Management Costs

  • Website Media Content Liability

  • PCI Fines and Costs

  • NO Retention for Attorney Services

  • Notification Costs and Credit/Identity Monitoring Services

  • Broad Definition of Insured Including Independent Contractors

  • Coverage for Electronic, Paper Data and Third Party Corporate Information

  • Includes Foreign Notification

  • Voluntary Notification Included

  • Punitive Damages Where Insurable By Law

  • True Worldwide Coverage

  • Covers Employee Claims for Privacy Law Violations

  • Includes Coverage for Criminal Acts by Rogue Employees

  • Breach of Contract Exclusion Carve-Back for Failure to Maintain Confidentiality of Personally Identifiable Information and Private Third Party Corporate Information

  • Coverage Options:

    • Limits up to $10,000,000

    • Network Extortion Threat Coverage

    • Data Asset Recovery Costs

    • Business Interruption Loss and Extra Expense



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